Why Ice Glass Bong Will Save Your Throat and Lungs

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One of the biggest complaints pot smokers have about using a bong is the temperature of the smoke they draw in on fat hits.

The bong is ideal for storing up huge billows of sweet smoke, but by the time it reaches your throat and lungs it may still be scorching red hot and diminishes your ability to enjoy that sweet nectar.

Now when you reach back and take that monster hit, you enjoy all the potency of the herbs minus the burning flames of Hell.

Here are a few facts about the ice bong that will convince you this should be your next addition to your smoking arsenal.

How Does the Ice Bong Work?

If you were to look at a variety of bongs, you may be hard pressed to distinguish the ice glass bongs from the rest of the field.

Ice is added to the bong in a special compartment where the smoke must first pass through before it can be drawn up the pipe.

The ice and water filter the smoke, resulting in a cool refreshing hit that will never burn your throat or lungs.

The way the bong and homemade water pipes works is simple, add water, add ice, spark up the bowl, enjoy!

Why Do We Need Ice Bongs?

Are you aware that the burning temperature inside the water bong reaches 2,000 degrees, and the final smoke that leaves the mouthpiece can be in the 100-125 degrees range?

When you want to get high, you don’t need to be negotiating the strength of your hits, you want to draw in bigger hits and enjoy the weed.

The ice in the bong cools the temperature of the smoke, allowing you to relax and just enjoy the moment.

The ice bongs provide just the right amount of heat, ensuring you get the best possible smoking experience.


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