What’s the Cannabis Sativa?

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Similar to wine, marijuana has many varieties that differ in appearance and felt effect. Cannabis sativa, probably the most commonly recognized of the three species, is by far the largest of the crops. These plants tend to grow very tall, sometimes reaching up to 15 feet in height, with lots of upward pointing branches that are quite sparsely packed together. The water leaves themselves tend to be narrower and long, appearing somewhat delicate, sort of mimicking the shape of the entire plant's figure.

Sativa is a quintessential outdoor growing crop, preferred by many cannabis cultivators because of its height and lack of density, making it easy for the sun to reach all the buds and produce a properly delicious final result.

 Although the sativa species takes a while to flower and be ready for harvest, it is well worth the wait because this crop awards those who are patient and caring with a hefty yield, one that is typically much more sizeable than both the indica and ruderalis species. Cannabis sativa is said to have origins from India, and it typically thrives in warmer climates that mimic the environments of India, Columbia, Mexico and some countries in Africa; basically, places that are located under the 30 degrees north latitude line. Of course, it depends upon the type of sativa you are consuming, but the Cannabis sativa plant normally produces a more energizing high that can sometimes be productivity-inducing, creativity-inducing and focus-bringing.

Furthermore, it typically can assist with medical conditions such as ADD/ADHD, depression, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, various mood disorders and sometimes pain. Again, these statements are quite general, but many sativa marijuana types have represented these capabilities.

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