What’s the Cannabis Ruderalis?

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Cannabis ruderalis is the third cannabis species type, but it is definitely the least frequent to be spoken about. It grows extremely short, at just about 20-25 inches, and not typically any taller. Just like the indica species, the ruderalis also has a denser foliage structure, so in some ways it is like an extreme version of the indica by appearance. Mainly, the reason why it is spoken about so rarely is because it is typically used to be bred with other cannabis species to produce certain specific effects.

Cannabis ruderalis is usually not psychotropic, producing few psychoactive effects, if any at all. It does, however, produce an autoflower effect, which is why it is used as an additional source of genetic material to give certain breeds this potentially useful characteristic. Ruderalis has an extremely short flowering period, for it is typically found in the Northernmost climates, where it is capable of withstanding many harsh conditions with a moderate frost tolerance. Said to be from parts of Russia, ruderalis typically does not have much time to mature before the cold conditions hit, which plays a factor as to why its flowering period is so quick to occur.

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