What Is the Best Way to Store Weed?

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If you’re looking for the best way to store weed so it doesn’t dry out, you’re at the right place.Here are3 best ways to store weed that you can learn.

Mason jar

You’ve probably seen how larger quantities of weed are stored in dispensaries. They are usually sealed up in a glass jar, similar to the one above.

You can grab these in almost any store and be perfectly fine for the rest of your smoking career. Being airtight, this jar will allow the buds to stay fresh and not dry out. As you can presume, air dries out buds so you should seal up your jar and place it in a dark, cool spot. Room temperature will do.

Once you’ve placed your weed in a sealed jar, put it away someplace dark. The only thing you have to worry about is not to expose the jar to sunlight.

Tin foil (only short-term)

If you have just a couple of grams of weed that you need to store overnight, you can also use tin foil as a container.

Break up a bigger piece of tin foil and gently place your buds inside. Twist it at the top and put it somewhere dark, like a pantry. Your weed will be good for up to two weeks, as long as you don’t open it up too much.

Cannabis humidor

If you manage to keep the humidity between 55-63% then your buds will remain fresh for months and even years. There are two ways you can go about that:

Either buy a regular cigar humidor which can let you manually set humidity or buy a humidor that’s specialized for cannabis.

Besides the fact that it will keep your buds perfectly fresh, a humidor will also prevent air and light getting in and messing up your herb. Cannabis humidor is, by far, the best way of storing weed without it becoming moldy.


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