The History and Culture Of The Bong

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A bong is one of the oldest most traditional ways to consume cannabis. A traditional weapon found in most stoners arsenal of cannabis accessories, packed in drawers under study notes, shoved in between books on shelves and hidden in boxes of your old memories from college days. Bongs have been seen in many cult classic films, handled and inhaled by many famous personalities for generations.

Bongs were once considered a healthier way to combusting your favourite herb as it was common sense that the water used which cools the water you inhale also trapped heavier particles from the combusted plant matter. A bong is also known as a water pipe is an ancient tool generally used to smoke tobacco, marijuana or herbal extracts.


The first use of bongs was traditionally located in the Asian and African regions of the world. One of the earliest known forms of bongs were excavated from caves found in Ethiopia and was reportedly used between 1100 and 1400 CE.  The actual word bong comes from the Thai word “buang” and was an adaption of the word from a popular traditional smoking pipe used in this region. A buang was usually made from bamboo and was used to smoke tobacco or hashish. The spread of this early bong was attributed to the merchants who traded along the then Silk Road during the 16th century. It is believed that even Empress Dowager Cixi from the Qing Dynasty in China was buried with her prized bong at the time of her death.

Bongs have since been transported and used to the four corners of the world and sold at markets, in retail stores, tobacconists and online web stores. Today bongs are a very fashionable, trendy way to partake in cannabis burning rituals and bongs are sold from a few dollars to thousands of dollars for a handmade glass bong with a triple filtration system.  Bongs have not really changed in design or function in the hundreds of centuries since they have served man.

In reflection, one can argue that the boom “renaissance” of the bong was during the 1970’s and glass bongs were as popular as bell-bottom jeans and peace signs.  The entire modern “bong movement” can be attributed to one man, Bob Snodgrass, an artisan who made and sold unique glass bongs while following a tour of the music band, The Grateful Dead. Bongs have been used in most student dorms in 75% of all campuses nationwide. For decades they have been the preferred method of most adults to quickly inhale a piece dried cannabis flower or resin.

Today bongs are as popular ever and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs and colours. Probably the most common is are glass bongs and with them being blown or shaped into anything the mind can imagine. RooR was established in 1995 by a German glass blower who saw a gap in the market for high-quality borosilicate jointed-glass bongs. Roor has now established itself as one of the top producers of glass bongs, and they are sold and envied worldwide. RooR has been known to make some expensive bongs but have you considered that they made a Skull Gun Bong available for $90000. A couple bongs can fetch $100000 or more and are works of art more than a tool used by cannabis enthusiasts to simply burn a piece of a flower.

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