The Future 5 Factors That Affect a Bong’s Durability

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You just found your favorite bong! It has all the right features, it's the perfect size and now you want to keep it forever. How can you maintain the bong’s longevity?
1. How Often you Clean it
Cleaning your bong is extremely important. Not only does it help you keep your smoking experience smooth and flavorful but it also keeps your bong from getting clogged. If your glass becomes clogged, it will be much harder to smoke out of and clean.A clean bong ensures your smoke sesh is perfect every time. Old resin and gunk build up quickly and the quality of your sesh will decrease every time you skip a clean.
2. Accidents Happen - Dropping your Bong
Clumsy people beware! I am always dropping something but I always try to be extra aware around my bongs. Glass is fragile and must be treated carefully no matter what! If the glass is dropped or knocked often it can crack or break completely. Cracks can cause lasting damage if not treated properly.
3. Quality of Glass Matters!
The quality of the glass is important when it comes to how long it lasts. Thicker glass is not always an indication of a higher quality product but does make it less prone to breakage. Glass quality heavily depends on the blower of the glass and materials used.
4. Intricacies in design
No bong is created equal!From pig zongs to straight tubes and beaker-bottoms to microscope-styled rigs, each one has a different function.But each intricacy in the design will ultimately make the bong more fragile. Be especially mindful with items like our swiss beaker and bongs with smaller parts like a tree percolator.
5. Clear glass versus colorful glass
Color can totally change the look of glass. Depending on the mix of color in the glass, the blower and overall cost, color in glass can change the integrity of the bong and must be treated with more care than clear glass. Different companies create different colored glass, and all colors react differently to the flame of the torch. Some colors are harder to work with than other colors making the price of the piece go up because there’s more breakage and also more technique is required to create a piece with that color.

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