So How Much Should We Spend On A Bong?

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For those with money to spend, dropping $300 or more on a custom bong with crazy features can be fun.

However, it’s not necessary. A simple $20 bubbler can offer water percolation for smooth hits while retaining more flavor than some of the more expensive bongs.
A solid $30-$80 bong hits very well and will provide you with an enjoyable smoking experience. Anything beyond price-wise is going to have more features, but something in the lower range would qualify as a “good” bong.
At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Doing additional research on bong features can help you find the bong that’s right for you.World of Bongs has a wide selection of bongs within every price range.
With lots of awesome sales and a section that shows all the bongs under $50, you’re sure to find the perfect bong to fit your budget and smoking needs.

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