Las Vegas getting weed-themed museum featuring two-story bong

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The two-story-tall specimen of supersized drug paraphernalia is the main attraction at Cannabition, a nonconsumption cannabis-themed museum opening September 20 at Neonopolis in Downtown Las Vegas.In this city where just about everything is over the top, a 24-foot bong might establish a new, well, high.

 A progression of 12 small exhibits is designed to take visitors on a zany journey that teaches about botany, chemistry, psychoactive compounds such as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and stoner culture since the 1960s.Though the museum doesn’t sell weed for guests to smoke or eat, it does celebrate the recent rise of cannabis culture in Nevada and across the country.

Big bong

The piece is made entirely of blown glass, and is smokable, provided you pack a bowl with about a quarter-pound of weed.The grand finale, of course, is Bongzilla, the 24-foot bong.Though officials have no plans or permits to fill the bong’s 100-gallon reservoir and light it for the public, visitors can climb steps or take an elevator to the top and pose so it looks like they’re pulling a hit. The museum has set up a camera to capture this shot perfectly.

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