How to use a water bottle bong

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Water bongs use a system in which the majority of work is done with some simple suction. As you may know, a bong is composed of usually 3-5 parts:

  • Mouthpiece — this is where your lips are pressed onto the bongs
  • Chamber — the place where all the smoke goes once the weed has been burned
  • Bowl — a place for holding your weed and lighting it
  • Downstem — some bongs with sliders don’t have this

So, here’s how you use a water bong:

1.Pour water in the bong. There should be enough water so that the downstem is completely submerged.

2.Pack the bowl with about half a gram of freshly ground buds.

3.Place your mouth on the mouthpiece, light the bowl and slowly inhale.

4.Once the chamber is full of milky-white smoke, release the carb (or pull the slider) and inhale the remainder of smoke from the chamber. Exhale and return the slider.

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