How to Make a Vaporizer Stand

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Your vaporizer will not leak lying on its side but if you prefer to have it upright, this article is about making a low profile stand. This is an easy and inexpensive project to do and you will use whatever materials you have available and be creative.


1.Place your vaporizer in a bottle cap or lid and fill it to the cap brim with hot melt glue.

2.Assemble these materials: vaporizer, a sheet of paper, masking tape or glue, a bottle cap, scissors, tweezers or needle nose pliers, a small knife, and a hot melt glue gun with at least two glue sticks.

3.If you do not have a hot melt glue gun, consider buying one. The hot melt glue gun is a useful tool to have to mend, build, and fabricate many items.

4.In the absence of a hot melt glue gun, use Shoe Goo, melted wax, spackling mix, clay, paper mache, bondo, resin, etc.

5.Choose a cap that is flat on both side.

6.To keep the melted glue from adhering to your vaporizer, wrap two layers of paper around the vaporizer base. Since this is a low profile stand, do not over wrap with paper. Over wrapping will cause your vaporizer to be wobbly in the stand.

7.To remove the paper from the plastic later, soak the unfinished stand in water and ream the paper out with a small knife. Also, use a tweezer, hemostat, or needle-nose pliers to reach in and pull the bits of paper from the stand hole.


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