How to Make a Quick Bong

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When you want to do is smoke some product. After deciding that you will take part in this act, you realize that you do not have a bong handy. Luckily, it's a quick and easy procedure to make a homemade water bong out of a few simple and cheap materials.

Gathering Materials

Locate some sort of an empty plastic bottle. A 20oz bottle works best, Anything like an empty water bottle or soda bottle will work.

Get a socket bit

You can find these at any hardware store. Ideally you want a 7/32, or 5.6mm, socket. 

Gather the rest of the tools and materials.

For this project, you'll need a lighter, a pen that can be taken apart, duct tape, and, optionally, a needle or exact-o knife.

Preparing the Bottle

Make sure the bottle is empty and clean. Remove the bottle cap and toss it away. 

Make a hole for the bowl. 

Take your lighter and put a flame to the side of the bottle, about half of the way from the bottom.. Make sure that the flame is only barely touching the bottle, so as to slowly burn a small hole in it. Stop once the hole is a little smaller than the diameter of the pen.

Make the carb hole. 

Attaching the Bowl

Take apart the pen

Combine the pen and the socket.

Stick in the stem and bowl.


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