How to Grow Butterfly Weed

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Are you growing a garden and wish to attract more butterflies? Butterfly Weed is great for attracting butterflies, insects, and even hummingbirds! Butterfly Weed can be either planted outside in Autumn, or indoors right after Winter.

Planting Outdoors

1.Purchase Butterfly Weed seeds. Plant nurseries, plant stores, and nature stores sell them.

2.Decide where you want to plant them in your garden.

  • Butterfly Weed grows well in many types of soil, whether it's dry soil, clay soil, or rocky soil.
  • Butterfly Weed needs a place with lots of sun. Having shade doesn't hurt either.

3.Prepare the "Things You Need" listed below once late Autumn has arrived.

4.Dig a hole using the spade approximately ¼" (½ cm) deep to place the seeds in.

5.Sow the seeds into the soil where you dug.

6.Cover the seeds with the soil.

7.Wait for the Butterfly Weed to start growing in the springtime.

8.Make sure the plants are well watered, but not overwatered.

Planting Indoors

1.Purchase the seeds if you haven't already.

2.Find a medium sized pot to plant them in. The seeds should be planted in early Spring.

3.Pour soil into the pot.

4.Plant the seeds about 1/4 deep in the soil.

5.Cover the seeds with soil.

6.Make sure the soil is moist.

7.Wait for the plant to grow.

8.Transplant the young plant outside once they have started growing. Choose a spot with lots of sun.

9.Continue to lightly water the Butterfly Weeds once they are outside.

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