History of the Bong

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History of bong

While glass water pipes certainly gained popularity in the western world during that time, the water pipe itself actually has roots that go back long before the Vietnam War, or even the founding of Vietnam itself.Many believe the water pipe was a fancy upgrade to rolled cigarettes, invented during the hippie era. Right now, extreme users can make their own pipes out of just about anything they have lying around.  As a tribute to these innovators, some glass makers include those various objects into their creations, like this clever design

Current discoveries have dated the earliest found water pipe at roughly 2400 years ago, which were solid gold and used by Scythian tribal chiefs who dwelt in and around the land of modern-day Russia. From previous discoveries, we know that ancient water pipes were used in parts of Africa and central Asia for centuries before they were given the classic name of “buang” describing the Thai bamboo pipes used in the 16th century. This is where we derive the English version of the water pipe from, which are also known as “bongs”.

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