Buying Guide: Types And Styles Of Banger Nails

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  Banger nails can be used with or without a carb cap. High-temperature dabbers sometimes go so far as to add an adapter to protect the pipe from the heat of the nail—the versatility of the design is another reason for its appeal.


  Banger Nails Of Different Materials

  Banger nails, like dab nails generally, can be made of titanium, quartz, glass, or ceramic. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which one you choose comes down to personal preference (though pay attention to the warning about titanium!)


  If a pipe comes with a dab nail (those sold as dab rigs often do), it will likely be glass. A glass nail is easy to clean and performs well, but because glass is vulnerable to heat stress, it will crack if heated unevenly or used too often. It’s not a great option for frequent dabbers.


  Ceramic nails also perform well and are easy to clean but fragile. The better ones can withstand heat without cracking, but, like glass, will shatter if dropped.


  Quartz is more durable than either ceramic or glass and is not vulnerable to heat stress. The material also heats very quickly and retains its heat longer than other materials, giving the user more time to enjoy the vapor. Quartz banger nails are very popular.


  Titanium nails are also popular, despite having a couple of serious drawbacks. Most seriously, unlike glass, quartz, and ceramic, low-grade titanium can contain toxic impurities. Titanium oxide, which forms on the surface of some nails, isn’t healthy, either. A high-quality, well cared-for titanium nail will be quite safe, but buyer beware. Some people claim that titanium nails give a metallic taste to the vapor, which other materials never do. And while titanium won’t break when heated, it can swell and break your pipe. Despite all this, titanium banger nails remain in use because they last longer than any other option.

  Electric Nails

  Banger nails, like other types of dab nail, now come in an electric option. Electric nails, or e-nails, are heated by electric coils rather than with a torch. The advantage is they can stay hot for hours, so you can dab and dab and dab again, without having to stop and re-heat the nail. There’s also less of a risk of burning the oil. Temperature control is much easier, with no guesswork. The drawback is these nails are considerably more expensive than their more traditional cousins.

  Getting The Right Fit

  Not all nails fit into all pipes. Some nails are adjustable, but some aren’t, and if the sizes do not match you won’t get a secure seal and the vapor will escape. Also, dab nails usually have “male” joints, and while most pipes sold as dab rigs have female joints, there are pipes with male joints, and in this case, two males don’t fit together. The important part is to know the shape and size of your rig’s joints and to make sure that your nail—and any other attachments you might use—are compatible before you buy.

  Ultimately, the kind of dab nail you buy is up to you, the main thing is to assemble a rig that works for the way you like to dab.

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